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How i got 1.2K page views in a month with $0 marketing budget

SEO and SMM sounds so simple and interesting words but in the sea of internet you have to reach people to let them know what you are offering them. A simple story “HOW I GOT 1.2K PAGE VIEWS IN A MONTH WITH $0 MARKETING BUDGET”.

First i made website live and kept pushing content on it. If you are looking to approval for ads or requesting payment gateway, they will come visit your site and you should be having reasonable content on it(Posts, articles, Products or service). A simple website should be having following checklist.
– Contact , privacy, How to and license pages.
– Analytics , SEO plugins, Mailing list plugins
– Enhanced user experience
– Mobile compatibility
– Social media sharing
– Reasonable content
– Unique and quality content

let the search engines know you are live

Your website is live and you are all alone with 0 daily visitors. When you made some searches how to do proper SEO, it is a huge topic itself and even it can take years to understand and perform proper SEO.
The first thing you should believe is “there is always room for improvement”. “Google analytics” and “google search console” are giving you stats on your daily progress. Yes you have to dive in and configure them. You need tell google that you have pages, images, search forms, mobile usability.
Request google to index your website but make sure your website is properly responding to search engine crawlers. Also target other search engines and request them to index your content for their audience.

Social Presence

Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, reddit, linkedin and pinterest, make your digital presence on these platforms.
Make strategies to target your audience and choose which platforms are best for you and from where you can find audience.
For example in my case pinterest is working best so far. Pinterest is great platform to share your unique content, ideas, brand or service VISUALLY. If you have outstanding unique and real visual content your chances are great on pinterest. Pinterest is social website and a search engine alongside where people do like and share pins from different ideas and brands. You can search about pinterest how its user base is constantly increasing with high conversion rates of potential customers.


Indeed time taking and long process and always room for improvement here comes a great giant you are going to dominate SEO. So far i know keywords, description, meta description and media files , your website should be able to respond to crawlers of different search engines to crawl your content. Choose a good CMS that i offering you easy SEO service plugins or frameworks. Make your keywords strategy by using “Google keyword planner“. Use keywords most relevant to your content. If you are creating unique graphics and working on describing your content properly for search engines and your viewers you just need to keep on doing the great job. It takes lot of consistency, learning, research and implementing strategies to improve your brand or service.

Not a success story

This article is not a success story or a pro guide but this is how you can start working on your great idea with 0$ marketing budget and reach people to let them see what are you offering.
Here is link my website : Birthday Wish Cards
You are welcome to this website anytime and also spread the love with social sharing icons available on website.

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